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Our Story

We went on Kickstarter in 2019 seeking funding for launching Snapbag. Our 30 day campaign exceeded its goal by over 1,000% thanks to 1,948 awesome Kickstarter backers. Immediately after, 1,168 backers joined through Indiegogo InDemand. This allowed us to order raw materials, secure deals with our partners for production kick off, and fulfill our backers' rewards. One pandemic, and countless supply chain challenges later, we now bring Snapbag to you!

- Snapbag team.

Designed for you. Designed for your car.

"It is exactly what I have been looking for for years!!"

Kathleen - Kickstarter Backer

"Works perfectly and unobtrusively... Best solution I've found... Thanks Snapbag!"

Bradley - Indiegogo InDemand Backer

"My one was delivered to Germany last week. What can I say, I love it!

Andreas - Indiegogo InDemand Backer

Recycling Pack

Available also in a recycling pack to allow you to sort waste instantly right from your car.