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Here’s the Premium Car Waste Bin That Actually Looks Sexy

3 Aug 2020, 09:36 UTC · by Bogdan Popa published on AutoEvolution.

If you love cars as much as we do, you probably don’t like garbage to be lying around when getting behind the wheel, so regular cleaning is pretty much the only way to go.

 But here’s a pretty smart gadget that promises to take care of the whole thing with a rather unique approach. Called Snapbag, this is a car waste bin that uses a clever system to make you forget about anything you want to throw away, be it food, bottles, papers, and anything like that.

And the best of all is that it does the whole thing without even looking like a typical waste bin.

Snapbag attaches to the back of the front passenger’s seat and is fabricated from premium materials that make it just right for use even in more expensive cars. It obviously comes in multiple colors, so it can match your interior just right.

The device features a magnetic closure, and this allows it to be completely odor-free. Of course, you’re not supposed to throw a hamburger in there and forget about it for several months, but Snapbag should help prevent unpleasant smells for a few days.

Furthermore, it’s also leakproof, and the manufacturing team promises it doesn’t affect legroom in any way given its design. And because you’re allowed to throw away pretty much any kind of waste, it also comes with standard disposable garbage bag, so it’s not by any means expensive in the long term.

It expands progressively as it fills up, and conceals a standard ‘small size’ disposable garbage bag. The choice of disposable garbage bag is yours; however, we recommend a biodegradable disposable garbage bag to manage waste in an Eco-friendly manner,” the team that made it happen explains.

Snapbag has raised nearly $160,000 on Indiegogo, and the first units started shipping to users who supported the fundraising earlier this year.

Snapbag's Ultra Slim Design